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Joe Galea

Joe GaleaIn Sept. 2006, Shuman Concepts held it's 3rd annual company ESCAPE event in St. Pete, Florida. Over 50 school owners & staff members attended the FREE 2-day event which included a weekend of networking, synergy, and beachside fun...

Dear Melody,

Thank you for inviting me to your private Shuman Concepts seminar. I was excited to attend the event and to meet many of your members. It was a pleasure to speak with your members and to observe their camaraderie. Their willingness to help one another was impressive.

Your presentation was excellent. I have attended many seminars over the years and I honestly felt that this was one fo the best I've seen. Your guests were able to obtain valuable information, and seeing your strategies live added a special dimension to the event. Observing unrehearsed class sessions with live "props" really drilled home your message.

You also did a fantastic job of penetrating the fundamentals of business that are left out of "Business 101" seminars. I was excited to hear about your branding strategy and how it ties into your complete business system including staff responsibilities.

In short, it was a wonderful experience. Please don't hesitate to use me as a referral for next year's event. Although your events are exclusively available to Shuman Concepts members, all Martial Arts school owners, their staffs, and instructors could benefit greatly from your perfect mixture of curriculum, business, and oh yeah... all that beach fun! I think we called that networking. :)

Yours in the Arts,

Joseph Galea


The Best Investment I have ever made!

Charles ChiEach year like every martial arts school owner I tap my pencil on the desk and asks myself what I can do this year that can help my school grow and improve student retention. There are so many products and programs out on the market right now that sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Many of these products are old ideas with new names and unfortunately people who have obviously never actually operated a school invent some of them.

After doing some considerable research and asking many of my successful peers in the industry how I could improve my children’s program (an area which we have always had problems) one name kept coming up, Melody Shuman. After contacting Ms. Shuman, purchasing her children’s program guides and spending considerable hours on the phone being coached by her, I was ready. At the beginning of this year I decided to take a leap of faith that has paid off many times over. My student count at the beginning of this year was 112 children and 60 adults. In just 8 short months our active student count has grown to 327. We now have 245 children and 82 adults, all due to her expert advice. Parents are so pleased with our new programs that word of mouth has become our greatest marketing tool. I no longer sell time in my school, I now sell program packages which parents seem all too happy to pay for up front. I am now colleting more money in house for our programs than I could have ever imagined. My staff has been able to implement all our new programs (designed by Ms. Shuman) with little more than a weekly one-hour staff meeting. The manuals have made staff training a breeze. Every detail and contingency has been thought out and planned for.

In addition to the manuals I have also joined her web site, which provides on going information for school growth and management. My school has grown leaps and bounds because of Ms. Shuman’s outstanding programs and advice.

After wasting thousands of dollars on tapes, packages and programs that produced little or no results I am happy to say that joining Shuman Concepts was the best investment I have ever made for my schools growth and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about growing their school.

Thanks Melody you’re the best!

Charles Chí
Owner / Master Instructor
Chí’s Martial Arts
Lindenhurst, New York

Melody's reports contained the real information I needed to make changes

Thank you Melody Shuman, I talk to my staff about you all the time! I say look at all the great things she has done! They are even starting to talk about you and how great our school is becoming.

I just showed my staff today the reports on becoming a 50K a month school, and they where surprised at how easy we could reach it. I love the way everything she provides us is broken down step by step. Makes it a No Brainer. I have revamped my staffing, my classes, my marketing and much more based on all her advice. We have added age specific programming which our parents are loving! Me included, I am raising triplets and they are doing awesome in the new Future Kidz classes! I am using so much of her advice because it is something we can use. Not just vague ideas, but step by step plans of action. I also get responses from them right away when I have questions, I don't get lost in their inbox, they deal with my questions right away! I could just go on and on! Just being involved in the last few months we grew from the 120 students to nearly 185 and that is just months! I have had the other packs and programs for much longer, good stuff, but they all lacked the innovations provided by Melody Shuman. Melodys reports contained the real information I needed to make changes not the same regurgitated stuff we have seen 100 times before.

I honestly contribute a majority of our current success to reading Melody's Reports and our involvement in her Team! I look forward to staying involved in her program as long as it is available.

Thanks Alot!

Randy Hamilton
Owner Family Taekwondo Centre of Edmonton INC
Edmonton, Alberta

I am now a raving fan of Shuman Concepts!

Jeff CvitakI was referred to you by a friend of mine who insisted that you provide some outstanding material. And he was absolutely right! The service you provide and the information contained on your website goes above and beyond my expectations. All of the ideas are easily written and even easier to implement. My staff and I have so many new ideas to keep our existing students excited but also brining in a flood of new students as well. I had e-mailed you a question about implementing a project and I told my staff that that we would probably get an answer late next week. Nobody ever returns e-mail questions very quickly. To my surprise, I received an e-mail with 20 minutes with the answer to the question and an easy way to get the project started! WOW! Its because of service like this that I am now a raving fan of Shuman Concepts! If you have any doubt whether this is for you or not, don’t hesitate. Try it out now and you’ll be completely convinced and impressed with the information and professionalism. Melody, I can’t thank you enough for all the help!

Jeff Cvitak
Martial Arts USA
Springfield, MO

An Educational EVOLUTION

Dear Shuman Concepts:

Hello from South Carolina!

We purchased your curriculum last year and have witnessed an educational EVOLUTION in our school since inplementing all of your age-specific programs.

Thank you so much for everything you have done to bring a revolution to the educational community.

Summer A. Howell
Southeast Martial Arts Center

Dear Shuman Concepts Team,

First I want to tell you that the information you provide is outstanding. I have been a member for over a year and continue to gain valuable information every month. This is the stuff instructors and school owners need to become successful in our business.


Master Jason Landaas
Self Defense America
Asheville, NC


Fariborz Azhakh"It's so refreshing to see someone who has reached such level of
excellence in both competency and character together to help the martial arts industry. Keep up the good work ..."

Mr. Fariborz Azhakh is a tremendous asset to the martial arts industry. His passion for martial excellence is motivational and inspiring. To find out more about Mr. Azhakh and his influences within the industry, log onto:

"...ready to go that extra mile to help"

I first met Melody Shuman at the NAPMA World Conference three years ago. At that time I was very impressed with her knowledge and teaching ability. I spoke with here a few times after that and always found her ready to go that extra mile to help. When I found out that Shuman Concepts was forming I immediately joined and have not once been disappointed in any of the content from her company. I have purchased all of Melody’s manuals and implemented the approach she believes in for my children’s martial arts curriculum. My parents are overjoyed to see the improvement in our classes and in their children.

Recently following Melody’s easy to follow strategy for Black Belt Club we enrolled 10 new members in our Black Belt club. Her methods make it very easy on my staff to enroll new students and upgrade older students with a very small learning curve. Although I have been running a martial arts Dojo for a very long time, I can happily say an old dog can learn new tricks and grow from it.

Thanks Melody and Jill.

Mark Speranza
Academy of Martial Arts East, NY

"... a much better retention rate."

Dennis Campo"I have been teaching martial arts for nearly 20 years, and, like most instructors, I have often made the mistake of trying to teach my children's classes in the same manner as my adult classes. The results? Frustration on both my part and my students. Thanks to Melody and Jill, I now have an exceptional gameplan that enables me to better target my lesson plans to the needs of each unique children's age group. The results? A more highly motivated and better prepared instructor (me) and a very excited class eager to participate in the next drill. And, of course, a much better retention rate.

I can't thank Melody and Jill enough for the ground work they have done in helping us instructors better serve our student's individual needs. In 23 years of martial arts training, I've earned 4 different black belts. But now I'm finally on my way to earning my "black belt" in martial arts teaching. Thank you Shuman Concepts!!!"

Best regards,
Dennis J. Campo
President & Chief Instructor
Wisdom Way Martial Arts Inc.

"...making a difference in kids..."

I started training with in my fathers school at the age of 6. It was a Shotokan type of training and there definitely wasn't any age specific training going on. I grew up in the dojo training and helping to teach. I've been teaching full time now for over 10 years and about 3 years ago I came across your LN program through NAPMA. I was quite impressed and it changed the way I saw things for ever.
Before when students between the age of 4-6 came through the dojo it was hard. I don't know who had the worse time the kids or the instructor but it was bad. I don't know why it never occurred to me that we were teaching adult curriculum to kids. And the talented ones who started at age 5 or 6 could only keep up for so long before the curriculum left them in the dust and they dropped out, and it broke my heart to see this happen again and again.

Your information has transformed and informed our teaching and is making a difference in kids in Charleston, SC. Thanks for your hard work, dedication, and innovation. I now teach children exclusively and I don't know who is having more fun, the kids or our instructors. Teaching kids used to be the worst part of my job and now it is the best. I hope to catch you on the tag team tour.

Bradley Coker
Crown Arts Inc.
Charleston, SC

"Thank you for the opportunity."

Dean WainwrightIt was easy to implement our existing TKD curriculum into the KKZ and KKZ prep course programs. I would recommend it to any school owner who wants a solid springboard for their own programs.

~The accompanying Parent Manuals are great selling tools. During the
potential student's complimentary class, we give the appropriate parent manual to Mom or Dad to peruse while waiting for the child. After class, the child wants to continue and the Parent Manual seals the deal.

~The students find the KKZ program exciting and challenging, the parents are impressed with its organization, and the instructors see it as fun and innovative.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Dean and Caron Wainwright
Dexter School of Martial Arts
7275 Joy Road ~ Dexter

"Thanks for all your help."

I loved this weeks report on staff positions. Not only was the information full of realistic advice, it was presented in a manner which was easy to follow and understand. I am definitely finding Shuman to be a valuable tool in helping me with my martial arts school. I have been and will continue to refer Shuman Concepts to all martial arts instructors I may come in contact with.
Thanks for all your help.

Marcia Coutts
DMW Martial Arts and Fitness
Snoqualmie, WA

"What are you waiting for?"

Ann HabermanIt is so nice to see other martial artists who want to see the Art grow and for other schools to succeed. To be able to call anytime with a question to Shuman Concepts on any problem or dilemma is so valuable. Being a member of this group is like a partnership. Concerns, problems and ideas can be shared so we each can grow and pass on the Art that has helped mold us into better human beings. If you aren’t already taking advantage of this resource…what are you waiting for?

Ann Haberman 2nd degree black belt
Kiski Martial Arts Center
Vandergrift, PA

"...children's classes are improving."

From what I have read so far the site is great. The material that I have read is new, instead of being the same repackaged information that everyone keeps sending out.

The biggest difference that I have noticed is my children's classes are improving. My school is composed of 20% children, 30% teens and 50% adults, so improving on my weakest area is great. My approach to teaching has always been based on motor pattern development along with drills to improve basic attributes i.e. balance, agility, coordination... Applying the material on age-specific learning and abilities should allow me to round out the program nicely for my children.

Thank you for your time.

Richard Zaruba
Family Martial Arts Center
Grand Folks, ND

"Everyone can learn from this dynamo!"

Ruth Peters"I believe that martial arts training is one of the best activities a child can participate in to build confidence, self-esteem, and discipline."

"Melody Shuman is awesome! Her initiative and creativity are unparalleled in the martial arts field. Everyone can learn from this dynamo!"

Thank you to Dr. Ruth Peters for those kind words!! Dr. Peters is a fantastic role-model for our industry because of how actively involved she is with helping today's youth. She is a regular on NBC's Today Show, a consultant to Sylvan Learning centers, and an author of many resourceful books such as my personal favorite Laying Down the Law. Dr. Peters has also been a guest on many other popular shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America.

To find out more about Dr. Ruth Peters and to order her extremely resourceful books, log onto her web-site at:

*Her books are also excellent resources to recommend to every parent at your school!

Tom Callos

Tom Callos"Melody is one smart instructor. If she produces something, it's worthwhile and should be a part of your school's training library." - Tom Callos

"... the results are amazing."

"When I met Melody Shuman I found her to be a dynamic, forward thinking, innovative martial artist and business person. After watching her high energy videos, I attended one of her full-day seminars. What I learned from Melody's new teaching concepts and children's pre-school programs helped me double the size of my martial arts enrollment in less than one year.

Melody has changed the way I teach my youth students and the results are amazing. They're more disciplined, focused, and controlled. Her programs have made it more fun for me to teach and my students have a great time in class. I highly recommend anyone who teaches children to attend her seminar, embrace her ideas, and hit the ground running."

Keith Wilkes
Fear Knot Martial Arts
Elizabethtown, PA.

Just 2 years later, 252 Students...

Gary WayneDear Melody,

Thank you very much for sending me the attachments. Tony Robbins would be proud of you! I feel compelled to tell you this story.

There once was a martial arts instructor who spent his whole life studying Tae Kwon Do. For 30 years he devoted much of his life to understanding the techniques of his art and taught what he learned to his student. Problem was he was a very good student of the art but a very bad student of learning how to teach his art. After many years he was on the verge of giving up instruction all together.

Then one day he got a magazine in the mail and on the cover was a very young, smiling woman. She was throwing a front kick and was known as the MASTER OF THE LITTLE NINJAS! Since this instructor had nothing to lose he read the magazine and became inspired by the message. He decided to go to Atlanta, Georgia and take this young woman's seminar. For 3 hours he listened and learned, and for the first time in his life realized that he needed to be a student of instruction to. Then this young woman told him a story, about her first martial arts instructor and that he was only part time, and many times made it to class late because of his job. Over time she lost respect for him, because he was not dedicated enough to his school. She was describing me!!!!!!!!

He then left Atlanta, quit his job , opened his school and just 2 years later has 252 students. All this because he was inspired by a petite woman in her early twenties. Have you guessed who that woman is? The instructor is me!

I know God loves me because he sent me to you. THANKS 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!

Master Gary Wayne
Family Martial Arts Center
2771 West Old Hwy 441
Mt. Dora, Florida 32757
(352) 383-0898

"Both students and parents love it"

Melody Shuman is a credit to the industry. She's innovative, knowlegeable, and experienced. She's helped me take my children's programs to an entirely new level. Both students and parents love it. I have seen a dramatic change in every facet of my business since working with Melody. She's done her homework, and has the experience to back up what she's teaching. Regardless of the topic or question, she's ready with an answer (or several of them). She's very generous with her time and knowledge, and does everything she can to help me succeed. I highy recommend Melody's services and programs to anyone who wishes to build their business!

Nathan Sherman
Edinboro, Pa