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From The Creator Of The Little Ninjas
Future Kidz Karate Kidz Karate Kidz Prep Course

The Future Kidz Prep Course program is a detailed layout of the proper way to train the youngest age group in the martial arts market. This program will show you how to add value to your 3 & 4-year old class with a great detail of information and education of how they learn and grow. This program includes age-specific teaching methods, exercises, games, and activities that will spark the growth of a 3 & 4-year old in all four areas of development including physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

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The Karate Kidz Zone Prep Course program takes your young students training even further with a program designed exclusively for 7 & 8-year olds. If you are a growing school and are facing challenges with your retention and value of your traditional children’s martial arts program, then the Prep Course Program will work for you. Designed exclusively for the growth and development of a 7 & 8-year old, the Prep Course will target these children’s 8 advanced skill developments that will capture their abilities. This program will add to the life span of your students, and provide them with a program that will produce measurable results!


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Future Kidz - Manual II Karate Kidz - Manual II

This NEWLY REVISED and UPDATED Pre-School Martial Arts Program for children ages 5&6 has over 6 years of research and development built into it. Not only does it include the 8 fundamental skills of development, age-appropriate drills, complete ready-to-use testing charts, and all of your class planners, but now there is a science and psychology section for those instructors who want to enhance their teaching skills. This program will show you how to MAXIMIZE the effectiveness of your program through this age-specific material; giving students and parents measurable results!

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The Karate Kidz Zone program is a dynamic martial arts training format for the Next Generation of martial artist. Complete with a traditional Taekwondo curriculum, the Karate Kidz Zone provides your students with a new edge in martial arts training that is fun, dynamic, and exciting. You can use this curriculum as your guideline to design your own format for your particular style, or use it in its entirety to give your students something new.

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Shuman Concepts Curriculums

INTRODUCING: Melody Shuman's Children's Martial Arts DVD Series Volume One: FOCUS

Future Kidz DVD - Vol 1: FocusMelody Shuman is considered the industry's leading children's martial arts instructor. Melody has a dynamic yet effective approach to teaching children that generates results! Her material targets children's stages of development through comprehensive research in science and psychology. Her methods are the best in the industry and the proof is caught on film... Each and every class presented in this series of DVD collections was shot during regular classroom hours. The students were not "staged" or prepared in any way except through their regular class training. You get live footage of actual classes with visual results, not to mention common classroom bloopers and laughter. Melody Shuman is founder and co-owner of Shuman Concepts, Inc. She is also the co-owner and chief instructor at On The Mat Martial Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida. Melody is internationally known and recognized as the creator of NAPMA's Little Ninjas program, which is considered the world's most popular children's program for kids ages 6 and under. Her latest success comes from the development of the newest children's programs - the Future Kidz and Karate Kidz Zone Series.

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