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Shuman Concepts is a research and development firm combined with first-class consulting. Lead by internationally acclaimed consultant and martial arts school owner, Melody Shuman, our team of experts study methods and trends that improve the overall operations of Martial Arts schools. As a member, you’ll gain a team of experts that take the guessing work out of your hands. We deliver successful strategies to you that are easy to understand and simple to apply. We guarantee that your Martial Arts business will enter a whole new level of professionalism.
Introducing your Shuman Concepts Membership Benefits:

The Shuman Concepts RESOURCE LIBRARY

The most dominant feature of the Shuman Concepts membership is the online Resource Library. There are currently over 100-step-by-step reports that are available to you 24 hours a day. The Resource Library is enhanced monthly with new entries, marketing tool, tips of the month, archive highlights, and more!

Here’s what’s included in our Resource Library:

1. Innovative Reports

We make your job easier by doing the research and development for you on the latest ideas and innovations that will help your school succeed. These reports are great tools for you and your staff. As you log into the member’s section, all you have to do is type a topic in the search bar and all of our reports with your topic will appear. Can’t find any reports with your topic? Call us, or email us and we will create a comprehensive report for you!

Below is brief list of the 100 step-by-step reports that are already included in our resource library:

Step-by-step projects…

  • How to run a birthday party

  • How to run an open house

  • How to host a field day

  • How to host a kick-a-thon

  • And more!

School owner reports…

  • The four key staff positions

  • How to run a staff meeting

  • Employee evaluations

  • How to keep track of school statistics

  • And more!

Staff training material…

  • Teaching tips

  • Networking tips

  • Phone tips

  • Sales and enrollment tips

  • And more!

STORM Team Planners

  • Monthly planners for your STORM Team meeting

Monthly Webinar with Melody

  • Each month Melody hosts a webinar to review the Resource Library monthly entries and to do some Q&A with members.


Our Marketing Gallery is full of high-quality marketing materials that will increase your school’s image. Our material is dynamic and on the cutting-edge of professional design and appeal. You can order print-ready marketing pieces from our gallery that are customized for your school at NO additional cost!* Each month we’ll add an additional marketing piece that has been applied and proven effective in our current Shuman Concepts executive schools.

*Comprehensive text and picture changes are available at an additional fee.

Below is just a brief list of what’s already included in our Marketing Gallery:

Advertising tools…

  • Door hangars

  • Flyers

  • Direct mail samples

  • School brochures

Referral tools…

  • Birthday party invitations

  • Lead cards

  • Fun week tickets

  • VIP cards

Customer service tools…

  • Happy Birthday cards

  • Good job cards

  • We miss you cards

  • Thank you cards

  • Get well cards

3. Additional Benefits

We are not only one of the world’s largest Martial Arts Resource Libraries, we are a full-service consulting company. In addition to 24 hour access to the Shuman Concepts member’s section, we also provide the following benefits:

4. Expert Consultations

We are here to answer your questions and give professional advice on all of your business needs. No question is too small for us answer. All requests are attended to with the utmost professional thought and consideration. We are ready and willing to make your job easier so that you can enjoy your Martial Arts way of life.

Take a look at how our team can help you:

(1) Phone consultations

Have questions? You can call us anytime during the office hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST) Monday – Friday and we’ll answer your questions. You can also schedule a 30-minute consultation with Melody Shuman if you’d like a specific time slot to comprehensively review your questions.*

Call toll free: 866-202-9560/ International calls: (727)548-5426

*Limit is one 30-minute consultation per month.

(2) Email consultations

Work better through email? You can email your questions to our consulting team, or email Shuman Concepts CEO, Melody Shuman, directly with your questions. This is an unlimited service available to all active Shuman Concepts members.

Company email: info@shumanconcepts.com
Direct email access to Melody Shuman: melody@shumanconcepts.com

(3) Graphics design work

We have one of the most talented graphic designers with extensive Martial Arts design experience. With over 6 years of experience as NAPMA’S “Senior Designer”, Bryan Hudson’s services are available to Shuman Concepts members at an exclusive rate. You can get cutting-edge designs from logos to Websites at the best rates available.

Contact Bryan Hudson: customizations@shumanconcepts.com



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