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The Karate Kidz Zone Children’s Program

Karate Kidz For Ages 9 - 12The Karate Kidz Zone Operations Manual

  • A Karate Kidz Zone sample belt structure
  • A breakdown of the curriculum areas
  • A sample of a stripe system
  • A sample of a training format (curriculum taught weekly) plus a sample of schedule format (curriculum taught daily)
  • A sample of a traditional class planner and a rotating planner
  • A break down of how to develop drills
  • A sample of how to organize a testing
  • Instructor tips
  • Enrollment tips


The Karate Kidz Zone Drills Manual Volume 1


The Karate Kidz Zone Curriculum Manual

  • A sample of all 4 series (white belt to 1st degree black belt) of curriculum plus testing requirements
  • A sample of all 4 series of traditional taekwondo techniques, self-defense moves, and forms
  • A sample breakdown of all 4 series of skill development material including sport training requirements, dynamic performance requirements, board breaking requirements, physical development requirements, and mental development requirements


The Karate Kidz Zone Parent Manual


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