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The Karate Kidz Zone Prep Course- The Next 8 Skills of Development

Karate Kidz Zone - Prep CourseThis manual is divided into 3 sections:

An operations handbook which includes the following:

  • A breakdown of this age groups stages of development
  • The advanced 8 skills of training
  • A chart with statistics to help you get started
  • Tips on how to format your program

A curriculum handbook which includes the following:

  • The beginner martial arts curriculum that is incorporated into the skill training system
  • The entire testing charts for all 9 belt levels
  • A comprehensive breakdown of each skill and what fundamentals must be learned on each skill
  • A class planner for each of the 8 skills to set you and your instructors in the right direction

A parent manual that gives an entire overview of the Prep Course program (sent to you via e-mail for your convenience.)


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